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Jeremy Corbyn’s Platform Lies

Jeremy Corbyn is a liar. Yesterday he made this clear for all to see yet again. Look at this line from his speech at the launch of the antisemitism report:

I do not believe that anyone should be judged for the platforms they share or the human rights causes they take up, as long as they fight hate with every breath.

Oh really? Here he is on his friend Ken Livingstone back in 2012:

And here he is in 2009, speaking to a far left mob besieging the BBC when Nick Griffin was invited to a televised roasting:

No one should be sharing a platform with an avowed racist and an avowed fascist.

The platform line reminds me of his lies about “working for peace” with Hamas and Hezbollah. You can read about what he was actually up to in those foul dealings here.

Often enough politicians’ slogans are a good guide to what they are really like. Just reverse the words.

In Mr Corbyn’s case, I must say “straight talking, honest politics” is a simply brilliant choice. Thanks Jeremy. Crooked talking, dishonest politics, yes, that’s you.

A typical scene from the career: Mr Corbyn grins with Abdel Bari Atwan, who would dance in Trafalgar Square if Iran nuked Israel, and Azzam Tamimi, an ardent Hamas supporter and suicide bomber manqué.