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Me neither.

After all Donald Trump is an isolationist and in many ways a classic Stopper. He has a weakness for dictatorial strongmen and doesn’t really care about human rights in other countries, let alone his own.

By contrast Hillary Clinton, who decisively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination last night, is at heart a humanitarian interventionist (militarily and otherwise). As First Lady, she urged Bill Clinton to use military force to protect Bosnia and Kosovo. As secretary of state she advocated a bigger and earlier American role than Obama was willing to accept in backing the non-extremist opposition in Syria and standing up to the Assad regime’s murderous brutality.

There’s doubt about whether then-First Lady Hillary Clinton urged President Clinton to intervene militarily against the Serbs in Bosnia. Christopher Hitchens quoted from a book about the Clintons asserting that Hillary convinced the president not to intervene earlier for fear of another Vietnam and because it would distract from her health care reform plan.

However there’s no doubt that she urged military action on behalf of Kosovo in 1999 and has justified both interventions since then.