A Party for Kooks?

So the people are going to the polls to vote for their councils and in some cases their Mayors. The choice is between Labour and Conservative or someone else who isn’t going to win.

While the Labour Party is in the grip of accusations (or as they like to put it “smears”) of antisemitism a couple of thoughts came to mind on the issue.

No one can say Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party has been inactive on the issue. On the contrary they have been suspending members with all of the vigor of a Stalinist purge. They established an inquiry to investigate claims of antisemitism among Labour students in Oxford, they then folded that inquiry by Labour students into a larger inquiry on antisemitism headed by Baroness Royall and are now folding that inquiry into another.

Naturally none of the inquiries focus only on antisemitism (presumably that would be racist) but are also looking into other forms of intolerance. You know, forms of intolerance Labour isn’t currently having a crisis over.

The thing that gets me is that there’s no inquiry into how it’s possible that so many kooks, crazies and conspiracy theorists could rise to positions in the Labour Party where they can have an impact on so many Britons.

Diane Abbott the Shadow Secretary of State for International Development went on television talking about how quickly the Labour Party acted against antisemitism once it was uncovered. What I find striking is that these messages about Zionist power weren’t really uncovered, they were never hidden in the first place. For example Naz Shah’s social media posts were shared in 2014.

Please think about that, think about the word “shared”. These messages weren’t hidden, they weren’t opinions whispered between shady individuals in backrooms they were shared by many Labour candidates for positions at various levels in the party, seen by huge numbers of people presumably many of whom were their supporters, their electoral base, and no one thought anything of it.

Even now when the Labour Party is supposedly in the midst of an inquiry against antisemitism one doesn’t have to look for very long to find antisemites posting away on Facebook.

Here is Stuart Littlewood posting away on the Momentum Facebook page:

He writes for the website Veterans Today, that bastion of Holocaust denial material where he has lately been writing about Jewish control of the Labour Party…and the Conservative Party and the UK and…you get the point.

I didn’t know who Littlewood was before I went to the Momentum Facebook page and saw this comment:

“For the sake of balance, if someone makes a leadership challenge can we quizz that someone about links to a certain Middle East terror regime? Or would that be just too too upsetting and cause more wreckage?”

I Googled him just on a hunch and low and behold there he was in all his Veterans Today glory. His articles are in all manner of extreme left wing antisemitic blogs and websites, including Redress long a favourite for nutters and Dissident Voice. And really this is the point, it’s not that Littlewood on his own is commenting on the Momentum Facebook page but the fact that his opinions are re-posted and shared in all manner of websites to a plethora of individuals who seem to be attracted to the Labour Party.

And the party just isn’t very interested in letting people with these views know that the Labour Party is a serious party interested in governing the country, not a party dedicated to sharing conspiracy theories and lies.

Of course it would still be nice to know, if Littlewood is a paid up member of Momentum? Of the Labour Party? Is he a Councillor?

I guess we’ll have to wait for Guido Fawkes to make a stink about him before Labour decides to find out.