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One way to respond to Trump

Does Donald Trump incite the violence that has been a regular and increasingly dangerous feature of his campaign rallies? Of course.

But Trump’s opponents should avoid playing into his hands. Instead of engaging in shoving or shouting matches with his supporters (many of whom, unlike Trump, are struggling economically), why not inform them how Trump’s claim to represent the hard-pressed working class is a huge lie?

Instead of disrupting Trump’s rallies with shouts, how about disrupting them with facts?

Why don’t Trump opponents organize squads to stand outside Trump campaign venues and peacefully distribute leaflets with the following information:

• Asked about increasing the federal minimum wage from the current poverty-level $7.25 an hour, Trump said wages are already “too high.”

• The management of a Las Vegas hotel co-owned by Trump has sought to prevent its employees from exercising their legal right to unionize.

• Despite Trump’s constant talk about bringing manufacturing jobs back from other countries to the US, look where “Donald J. Trump Signature Collection” shirts are made.

• The centerpiece of Trump’s domestic program is a massive tax cut that would mainly benefit fellow rich people by giving nearly 40 percent of its benefits to the highest-earning one percent of taxpayers.

This is just scratching the surface. I’m sure there’s more.

If you get through to even a few people, and perhaps force them to think, you’re ahead of where you were. Simply yelling at Trump’s supporters and calling them stupid, brainwashed, Nazis, etc., doesn’t change any minds and is more likely to reinforce their support for Trump.

Any takers?

And here’s some badly-needed comic relief from “Saturday Night Live”:

Update: And this just in.