The Nightmare of Cologne: Denialism and Bigotry are not the only choices we have.

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Writing this article will be like waking through a minefield because this is a very sensitive issue as it touches on sexual violence, multiculturalism, immigration and intergration which are not easy subjects to talk about.

Let me make one thing VERY clear from the start. I am not interested in spreading propaganda or spreading hatred and bigotry towards people. Nor am I interested in endorsing far-right narratives about immigrants, muslims or whatever group they wish to persecute. However, I believe we must have a serious and scrupulous discussion about this, as for too long now this issue has been swept under the rug, deflected and dodged. We cannot remain silent on this.

What happened?

In Cologne, there were reports of shocking sexual assaults taking place during the New Year’s celebrations prompting 90 legal complaints by women to the police. Dozens of young women in Cologne were groped and in one case raped by hundreds of men described in testimonies as having a “a North African or Arabic” appearance.

The attackers are believed to have organised themselves into gangs then stalk, molest and eventually mug women as they were enjoying New Year’s celebrations. The accounts of these assaults seem very reminiscent of the sexual molestation -with the intent to intimidate women- that went on in Tahir Square during protests that brought down President Mubarak and Morsi respectively in Egypt in 2011 and 2013.

Similar attacks were reported in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart on the same night. In a seperate incident a gang rape of two teenage girls in the southern German town of Weil am Rhein on New Year’s Eve is believed to have occured. Police have arrested four Syrians, aged between 14 and 21 as suspects.

Even the German authorities were shocked at the “unprecedented in scale and nature” of these assaults, saying “hundreds of young men appeared to have participated”.

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