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An Idiot Speaks

Let’s say you frequent places which terrorists armed with AKs and suicide vests would love to attack. Not airliners, embassies or military bases. You know, rather modest restaurants in quiet residential areas, rock concerts in small venues, the unremarkable bar around the corner.

How would you feel if the man ultimately in charge of your safety said this when he is asked about terrorist attacks:

“I’m not happy with the shoot-to-kill policy in general – I think that is quite dangerous and I think can often can be counterproductive.

“I think you have to have security that prevents people firing off weapons where you can, there are various degrees for doing things as we know.

“But the idea you end up with a war on the streets is not a good thing.”

That’s what we would get under Prime Minister Corbyn, for it is the idiot himself speaking to the BBC today.

So, let’s say the worst did happen. The attack was planned and ordered from abroad. In fact, from a place where terrorists were busily preparing yet more atrocities. What comes next? Oh, tough one.

He also declined to answer what he called the “hypothetical question” of whether he would ever back military intervention against extremists.

“I’m not saying I would or I wouldn’t,” he said.

The most fundamental right is life itself.

In these dark times, only an utter fool should entrust it to Mr Corbyn.

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