Constable Corbyn and Jihadi John

Parachute for Mr Corbyn! He needs to be dropped off over Raqqa to do the right thing.

For he has a “far better” idea about what to do when terrorist mass murderers are holed up and heavily armed in their top bastion:

“We await identification of the person targeted in last night’s US air attack in Syria. It appears Mohammed Emwazi has been held to account for his callous and brutal crimes.

However, it would have been far better for us all if he had been held to account in a court of law.

These events only underline the necessity of accelerating international efforts, under the auspices of the UN, to bring an end to the Syrian conflict as part of a comprehensive regional settlement.”

Now we do know that drones are completely out of the question for Mr Corbyn. Here he is in 2013, calling them an “obscenity”. We simply shouldn’t have them.

But what about arresting the likes of Jihadi John?

Well, that can’t be done without “boots on the ground” in Syria, which Corbyn also opposes. From just a week ago:

“Further bombing, further intervention, further boots on the ground, further walls is not going to solve the problem.”

In fact, Corbyn even dreams of the day when we have no Army at all. From 2012:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every politician around the world instead of taking pride in the size of their Armed Forces did what Costa Rica have done and abolished their Army, and took pride in the fact they don’t have an Army.

And that their country is near the top of the global peace index. Surely that is the way we should be going forward.

So that leaves us with Constable Corbyn.

Perhaps the RAF could hand Corbyn a rucksack full of rolled-up copies of the Morning Star just before they drop him for his arrest mission. Now that kind of fearsome truncheon will surely have IS leaders pleading “fair cop!” as they surrender, quaking.

Back in the real world, a song for the men and women who found, tracked and killed Mr Emwazi. Good work.