‘I like the sense of values’: footage from the IHRC’s Islamophobe of the Year award

If you want to be unedified you can watch part of Islamic Human Rights Commission’s Islamophobe of the Year awards ceremony here, including the announcement that the international award had been won by Charlie Hebdo, just two months after the fatal shootings.

This response from Nelson Jones pretty much nailed it.

Nazim Ali’s morally grotesque joke about Charlie Hebdo sounded almost banal coming from such an inept presenter.

“No one from Charlie Hebdo could make it. I know, I know.”

Habibi was recently asked if he could compile a list of Islamists Jeremy Corbyn has not cosied up with.

The IHRC need not detain him – here’s a reminder (from a few years back) that Corbyn has been an enthusiastic supporter of the dubious organisation.

“I like the way it works – I like the sense of values surrounding it … I like the concept that the Islamic Human Rights Commission represents all that’s best in Islam concerning the rights of individuals to free expression, to peaceful assembly and the rights of individuals within a society.”

Hat Tip: Tom Owolade