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Damned if you do…

There are two stories currently on the BBC News “Most Popular” list of today’s headlines, both apparently about what Muslims want from the British police.

(1) Muslim ex-police officer criticises Prevent anti-terror strategy
The government’s anti-terror strategy has become “a toxic brand”, a Muslim former senior police officer has said… Dal Babu, a chief superintendent until 2013, said many Muslims did not trust the “Prevent” strategy and many saw it as a form of spying.

(2) Missing Syria girls’ families demand police apology
The parents of the three UK schoolgirls missing in Syria have demanded an apology from the Metropolitan Police… On Friday, the girls’ families criticised police for not passing on “vital” information they say may have helped them to intervene in the trio’s plans.

So which is it to be? Damned if you spy, damned if you don’t spy.


Dal Babu was an activist with the National Association of Muslim Police Officers. We wrote about the NAMP some time ago, when we found that they were actually recommending that the public report criminal offences to an Islamic Republic of Iran linked front group, the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

NAMP has previously attacked PREVENT. So this is not a new story.

Ultimately, the Government got the hint, and removed the NAMP’s grant.