“Islamic Human Rights Commmission” Campaigning Hard For Imprisoned Al Qaeda Preacher

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is a Khomeinist pressure group, which organises the annual Islamic Republic sponsored “Al Quds Day” extremism fest.

For some time now, the IHRC has been campaigning for the “Blind Sheikh”, Omar Abdel Rahman: the spiritual leader of, Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, which later were consolidated into Al Qaeda. He was an associate of Bin Laden, and his teacher,  Abdullah Azzam. Having moved to New York to fundraise for Al Qaeda, the Blind Sheikh was convicted of various charges arising from the  the World Trade Center 1993 bombings.

The fact that the Blind Sheikh is the IHRC’s Prisoner of Conscience tells you everything you need to know about this organisation.

Here’s what they say about the man:

Action Alert: Egypt – IHRC calls for the release of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman and his return to Egypt

Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman is an elderly Egyptian sheikh, imprisoned in the United States in 1995 through sedition laws last used during the American civil war. He is now 73 years of age, and his health has deteriorated significantly. There is a high chance that he may die soon, and his family have requested for him to be able to spend his last moments with them in Egypt.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman was imprisoned several times in Egypt in 1970 and 1981 for 3 years. He left Egypt in 1990 after facing security restrictions and being put under house arrest for a year. Three years after arriving to the US, he was arrested on de-contextualised evidences and sentenced to a life sentence.

The elderly Islamic scholar, educated at the prestigious al-Azhar University in Cairo, and unceremoniously dubbed by the media as the Godfather of the Islamic Group, has been a harsh critic of the regime of Hosni Mubarak. He has welcomed initiatives by the Islamic Group to stop the violence currently taking place in Egypt.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman spent 18 years under solitary confinement, and is restricted from being having visitors.

His lawyer Lyne Stuart [sic], the only person granted permission to visit the elderly Sheikh, was also convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for relaying messages between the Sheikh and his family.

In fact, Lynne Stewart was convicted of passing on Rahman’s sanction to recommence terrorist activities to his followers

Here’s the punchline to this sick joke. The National Association of Muslim Police link to the IHRC. Twice. Unbelievably, they advise complainants to report hate crimes not simply to the police, but also to the IHRC.

habibi adds:
let’s not forget the IHRC view on the conviction of Abu Hamza for inciting murder and racial hatred:

“This is creating an environment that can only further alienate the Muslim community,” said Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

Now take a look at Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP for Islington North, speaking outside the Islamic Centre in Maida Vale, an outpost of the Tehran regime:

I like the way it works, I like the sense of values surrounding it, and I’ve found them extremely helpful in bringing cases to my attention of individual abuses of human rights that they’re concerned about. But also general issues concerning the rights of people in the Middle East. The situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I’ve found them generally extremely helpful, extremely positive, and help to challenge the notion that human rights is somehow or other something based on Romano-Christian law and based on Europe rather than the rest of the world.

I like the concept that Islamic Human Rights Commission represents all that’s best in Islam concerning the rights of individuals to free expression, to peaceful assembly, and the rights of individuals within a society.

Can you imagine what would happen to a Tory MP who praised a racist group that campaigned for the release of David Copeland? I bet he or she would be out of politics in a matter of minutes.

Mr Corbyn, by contrast, is sitting pretty in the Labour party.


Along with a number of other groups, the National Association of Muslim Police has lost its Government grant.

“What?” I hear you say. “The NAMP was publicly funded?” Yup:

The National Association of Muslim Police received £90,000 between 2008 and 2010 and the Christian Police Association £15,000 in the past five years.

Zaheer Ahmed, president of the National Association of Muslim Police, said cutting funds would deprive the police of “important religious and cultural voices” and could see policing thrown back to the 1970s.

Absolutely delighted that this is over. The Government should now act to find out how a publicly funded police body developed links with the IHRC, a group which supports extreme politics and campaigns for Al Qaeda terrorists.

Write to your MP, or something.