Israel,  Syria

Many Arabs cheer Israeli attack on Hezbollah in Syria

Abdulrahman al-Rashed writes at al-Arabiya:

Many have cheered for the sudden Israeli strike which on Sunday killed six Hezbollah members and a general in the Iranian revolutionary guards who, for some reason, were secretly present in Syria’s Quneitra.

The cheering expresses anger and indignation and many expressed frankly those feelings via social networking websites and we’ve even sensed those emotions even from sympathizers with Islamic groups.

This huge transformation of feelings against Hezbollah is due to the latter’s heinous actions of targeting its rivals in Lebanon and its involvement in the killing of thousands in Syria. Those who shifted from admiring Hezbollah to hating the group did so in less than one decade.
There’s no doubt, in my view, that if a confrontation occurs between Israel and Hezbollah or between Israel and Iran, many Arabs will pray for the defeat of Hezbollah’s militias and generals of its Iranian ally. This strange feeling, even if temporary, reflects the change in the region’s alliances and political stances.

(Hat tip: vildechaye)