Freedom of Expression

Abortion debate cancelled following protests

A debate between Brendan O’Neill and Tim Stanley on ‘abortion culture’, scheduled for today, has been cancelled following reports that a large number of students would be demonstrating in protest.  This was the response of Christ Church JCR Treasurer, Will Neaverson:

Neaverson told Cherwell, “I’m relieved the Censors have made this decision. It clearly makes the most sense for the safety – both physical and mental – of the students who live and work in Christ Church. I’m glad the views of the GM were well represented and well received.”

People should have the right to demonstrate peacefully, but some of those protesting clearly wished to shut down the debate (where the pro-choice perspective would in fact have been given plenty of space).  How can it be good for the well being of Oxford’s students for their opportunities to hear different views to be constrained in this way?

Hat Tip: Kenan Malik