What will Galloway do?

It doesn’t begin to make up for all the disgraceful and craven actions (and lack of actions) by Labour MPs that we have been reporting here; but as Sarah AB notes below, there is one small and welcome development to report:

Labour yesterday called for MPs to hold a minute’s silence in the House of Commons to mark the 40th anniversary of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

The move by Shadow Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell represents the most high profile backing for the proposal to date and makes Ed Miliband’s party the first formally to back such a move.

If George Galloway is in the chamber, I wonder what he’ll do? Probably demand two minutes of silence in memory of the Black September “martyrs” killed in a failed attempt to rescue the Israeli athletes.

From Dave Rich’s review of Galloway’s book “I’m Not the Only One”:

On his first trip to Beirut, in 1977, Galloway met the heads of several Palestinian terrorist factions, including “the leader of the Munich Olympics operation”. This trip was a “life-changing episode” and the “radical chic” he experienced left a lasting impression on him.