Building bridges: Children of Peace

This is a guest post by a supporter of Children of Peace

Although there was disagreement over the recent Co-Op petition on this thread, even a commenter who took issue with almost every other element felt s/he could sign up for this bit:

I call on the Co-Op to drop the boycott and instead to give positive support for practical development and bridge-building initiatives that could improve the economy, living standards and sense of well-being of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Children of Peace is a UK based charity which supports efforts to help Israeli and Palestinian children build positive relationships for a future generation, whose communities might live and work in peace, side-by-side.  The charity attracts very varied supporters – many of whom would find each other’s views challenging – with a range of perspectives on this and other issues.

You can find out more about Children of Peace on Twitter, on Facebook and of course on the website.  Look out for a new update soon.