In Rouen: A Teacher Calls For A Minute’s Silence – For Merah

Here is a quite remarkable story, from Rouen in Normandy:

Fifteen students, in the final year of the Lycee Gustave Flaubert in Rouen, walked out of their classroom Friday morning, March 23, shortly after 8 am, after their English teacher asked them to observe a minute of silence in memory of the killer of Toulouse, Mohamed Merah, who she described as a “victim.”

According to students, who immediately wrote a letter to the headteacher , they alerted Rectorate of Rouen, that this certified teacher had claimed that the link with al-Qaeda was “invented by the media and Sarko.”

Only a half dozen students who were “taken aback” remained in the classroom,  “wanting to know why she had behaved in this way”, according to the testimony of a student. One told us she would be excused at the end of the conversation. “She said she was not well and would perhaps take time off,” he added.

The letter of protest by students is here.