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Rep from Rowan Williams’ patron charity CMS: “please stop using the antisemitic line, it is getting old, we are in a new era”

The Christ at the Checkpoint 2012 conference is organised by Stephen Sizer.

Sizer is an ally of the Christian-murdering Iranian regime and Malaysian racists. The Checkpoint conference itself will, most likely, be racist and antisemitic.

At Checkpoint 2010, Dutch missionary-turned-antizionist activist Brother Andrew, spoke with Stephen Sizer about the need for a Christian jihad. Both men agreed that Islamist jihadists had “every right” to attack the West.

I have recently exposed how the organisers of Christ at the Checkpoint 2012, have taken Dr Jim West as an ally against Zionism and Christian Zionism. West is an American theologian who wants to rehabilitate the Nazi theologian Kittel, and thinks Luther’s book On The Jews and their Lies is essentially a work against the falsehood of Jews.

With this in mind, how would the supporters of Checkpoint 2012 respond?

Step forward Tanas Alqassis.

Alqassis is the Middle East secretary for the Church Mission Society (CMS). CMS is the Church of England’s mission wing, and boasts the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams as its patron.

Alqassis is publicly supportive of Checkpoint 2012.

He leaves these comments on my blog, about the Checkpoint conference.

On antisemitism, he writes:

How come everyone one of you are scared of the Christ at the Check point? Why do not you go and attend, Express your thoughts there Why so much hate? Why somuch anger? The way you react make you no better than the people you accuse. Where is Love in all of this? THe Love that we were taught to share. I am happy to get Stephen Sizer to meet with you, or any other person if you are willing to meet in the spirit of love and reconcilaition. It is ok to disagree but that does not mean we have to attaclk each other. I work with no beleivers all the time, that does not mean I agree with them, and if Stephen or others are at a conference that have people who are antisematic that does not mean he is anti sematic. Let us learn how to communicate and love each other instaed of fighting. It out Chritianity down when the beleivers are fighting.

Here is Alqassis writing about flotilla cheerleader Sami Awad, who is a friend of antisemitic and pro-terror priest Atallah Hanna:

The bible say, before you accuse your brother look at the speck in your own eyes, I have known Sami for more than 20 years and I know that he is a peace lover and a justice Seeker. I never heard him advocate violence. Now, how come known of you have ever crticized Israel when it killed a whole family in Gaza? Or on what they did in Gaza, 3500 persons killed of whom 50% are children and women. Israel is not a peace loving country and you know it. And please stop using the anti semetic line, it is getting old, we are in a new era. I if condem Israel for wrong doing that does not mean I am ant semtic, my best friends are Jewish and I love them. Let us stop this victim mentallity and speak the truth and stand for what is right and just Please. I pray for you and pray for everyone who is full of hate that the Lord will fill their hearts with love.

CMS appears to share Alqassis’ view on the Checkpoint conference being a positive, pro-peace conference.

They advertise the conference on their website.

Does CMS also share Alqassis’ view, that antisemitism belongs to the “old”, and not to the “new”?

I wonder, whether Alqassis’ view of antisemitism is bound up in his thinking about the covenants in theology, assuming that the Jews belong to the “old” and Christians belong to the “new.”

Does CMS have anything to say, about Checkpoint 2012’s admiration for Dr Jim West, or of the many unpleasant actions and statements of Checkpoint 2012’s organisers?

We also know that Friends of Sabeel UK has its offices in the CMS building.

CMS is also a supporter of the Amos Trust’s campaigning on Palestine, spearheaded by Amos Trust’s campaigns officer Ben White, and their vice-chair Stephen Sizer.

Rowan Williams really ought to sort this mess out.

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