They are All Mark Duggans

This is a cross post by Potkin

Baseej protesters outside the British Embassy, try to imitate Neda protesters by holding Mark Duggan masks on their faces:

These two female protesters, hold a copy of the ultra conservative daily, Kayhan, the title reads:
“England’s Youth: We Are Standing to the End, We Do Not Want Monarchy”

Video of the rioters, who according to Kayhan Daily, are protesting to reject British monarchy and are “standing to the end”, robbing an innocent passer-by motor-cyclist:

Video of Iranian protesters, tending a mounted Special Unit anti-riot troop, who had come off his bike after attacking the peaceful protesters:

As all the evidence suggests Mark Duggan or Starrish Mark, was a drug dealing gangster and a founding member of the North London,Star Gang, perhaps the Baseej supporters are right, they are all Mark Duggans.