Boo hoo: Turkey to freeze relations with the EU

Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, which is illegally occupying Cyprus, a Member State of the European Union, has made a terrible threat:

“Everyone should know the existing window of opportunity on Cyprus will not always be open. The North Cyprus Turkish side is working for peace and solutions against all injustices. It’s not bearable anymore,” Mr. Erdogan said in a speech at a military parade in northern Cyprus to mark the anniversary of Turkey’s invasion.
“An urgent and permanent solution to the Cyprus problem should not be sacrificed for daily political interests and poisonous prejudices,” he told thousands of supporters waving Turkish and northern Cypriot flags.

Turkey is the only country to recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a separate state. The internationally recognized Greek Cypriot state is a member of the European Union, which Turkey wants to join.

Mr. Erdogan said Turkey will freeze relations with the EU if Cyprus assumes the six-month rotating presidency without a deal.

“In case the Greek side takes over the EU presidency in 2012 without a solution to the Cyprus issue, I am saying clearly that Turkey’s relations with the EU will be completely frozen,” he said. The EU is Turkey’s largest trading partner.

What a pity. Oh well.