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Jeremy Corbyn’s Summer Adventure in Lebanon

What do you think would happen to a Tory MP who spoke at a jamboree of Russian skinheads with a long record of vicious racism and horrific violence against civilians? Especially if the MP had his own form, having promoted far right extremists on numerous occasions in the past?

I reckon he would be very harshly criticised by his fellows and possibly thrown out of the party.

But I think we can be fairly sure that no such fate awaits Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour party for doing something similar in Lebanon. He is scheduled to be one of the figures at Viva Palestina Arabia’s “summer university” session in Beirut, which starts next Saturday. It is a jamboree for extremism and terrorism. His company will include:

– George Galloway, the promoter of extremists and tyrants and funder of Hamas

– Galloway’s sidekick and fellow Hamas supporter Kevin Ovenden

– Leila Khaled, the hijacker

– Ali Fayyad of Hezbollah

– Daud Abdullah, fanatical Israel hater, Hamas supporter, and the champion of Raed Salah

– Azzam “Kaboom” Tamimi, the advocate of suicide bombing attacks on Israelis

– Creepy antisemite Tim Llewellyn

– Bulent Yildirim, head of IHH, the Turkish “charity” staffed by thugs and racists who provide political and material support to Hamas

– un-named “Hamas speakers”

– Mustapha Hamdan, a Lebanese general and a tool of the Syrian regime who has been named as a suspect in the murder of Rafik Hariri

– Salma Yaqoob of “Respect”, George Galloway’s vehicle for aggravating communal tensions in Britain

You can find the list of speakers here.

Jeremy Corbyn belongs in “Respect”.

Yet he is entirely safe in Labour. I bet no one in the party will do anything meaningful about his latest bid to help the haters.

After all, the front bench in the shape of Andy Slaughter, shadow justice minister, spoke alongside Daud Abdullah at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting just this month.