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Very Stupid Jewish Woman Realises EDL Is “Nazi”

The English Defence League is, essentially, a rabble of football hooligans, racists, and Muslamic Ray Gun paranoiacs. It runs riots in city centres, and holds demonstrations which result in yobbos terrorising the staff and customers of Asian-run restaurants. From time to time, it claims that it is opposed to “Muslim extremists”, but is completely incapable of distinguishing between quietist pious Muslims and activists in Islamist political parties.

Although it is wrong to describe the EDL as a Nazi party – it isn’t sufficiently together to have much by way of a coherent ideology – it most certainly does have Nazi elements, including a number of ex-BNP activists.

Yesterday, Hope not Hate published some unsurprising news:

The leader of the EDL’s “Infidels” faction, John “Snowy” Shaw, has spoke out in support of the notoriously antisemitic book, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Hot on the heels of praise for the Book of Revelations, Shaw announced yesterday that his head is being turned by another historical document, the “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

Having opened the book, Shaw is convinced by its authenticity. He is now adamant that both Jews and Muslims are conspiring together and that he “must stop them destroying our country”.

But of course!

Not unconnected to this completely unsurprising development, I would imagine, comes the following story:

The hardline activist at the forefront of the “Jewish Division” of the extreme right-wing English Defence League has announced that she does not wish to be a part of it any longer because of Nazi elements within it.

Roberta Moore, who has led the Jewish Division since it was launched more than a year ago, was accused earlier this month of being a divisive figure in the EDL.

In a statement which she posted on Facebook, the Brazilian-born Ms Moore said she had been offered work on “an international level” elsewhere and so had decided to step down from the Jewish Division.

Although she described the EDL as “doing a fantastic job” she said the party had been hijacked by elements who wanted to use it “for their own Nazi purposes”.

Ms Moore said she still supported the EDL leaders and “all the genuine patriots out there who struggle to get their voices heard” but added that she no longer wished to be a part of it.

“I sincerely hope that the leaders will get the strength to squash the Nazis within,” she said.

Yeah, right.

Hopefully, this is the last we’ll hear of her.