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Amnesty guest MEMO publishes another diatribe by a racist

Middle East Monitor, the Israel hatred and Hamas support platform of Daud Abdullah and Interpal chairman Ibrahim Hewitt, published a statement earlier this week:

Nevertheless, MEMO wishes to make it absolutely clear that the organisation and its staff are against racism in any and all of its forms, wherever and whenever it occurs; we will not tolerate racism in any articles, reports or comment pieces published by MEMO.

Although one contributor to MEMO has been targeted for particular attention by the pro-Israel lobby, MEMO understands that he has apologised for an anti-Semitic remark made on an independent blog which has no link to MEMO. We are using whatever influence we can to ensure that such remarks are not made again in any forum if the person in question wishes to remain a contributor to MEMO.

This is a reference to Palestinian journalist Khalid Amayreh, a regular on MEMO’s pages. He likes throwing the word “kike” around.

So what did MEMO do next?

Publish Amayreh again, of course. It’s a typically poisonous piece.

Jews control America:

He [King Faisal of Saudi Arabia] also understood the ramifications and risks of challenging the American empire whose policies were influenced and controlled tightly by the Zionists then as, indeed, they are now.

Including Congress, naturally:

Today, the Gulf states, emirates and sheikdoms sell approximately $2 billion dollars’ worth of crude oil every single day. This amount alone would free the Palestinians from financial enslavement under the Israel lobby-controlled US Congress

Next comes Amayreh’s trademark – Israelis are Nazis:

Put another way – and this will no doubt upset the Israel lobbyists in Europe – Palestinians must behave and act like the Judenräte, the Jewish-led councils formed by the Nazis in Europe to carry out anti-Jewish policies and pacify any Jewish resistance against the Third Reich.

As for King Faisal, Khalid’s hero, he was a big fan of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the foul antisemitic hoax.

As far as I know Amnesty International still intends to host MEMO and the self-styled Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) at its Human Rights Action Centre in London on 23 May.

The topic is Israel and the media. The event’s speakers will be Al Qaeda apologist and PSC patron Victoria Brittain, Tim Llewellyn, who is worried about sneaky Jews fooling people with their Anglo-Saxon names and language tricks, Greg Philo of the University of Glasgow, and Abdel Bari Atwan, the journalist who will “dance in Trafalgar Square” if Iran nukes Israel.

Can anyone book the Centre? Not at all. Look at Amnesty’s terms:

Please note that our facilities are only available to non-commercial organisations working on human rights or social justice issues.

The booking form itself says:

Our vision is to provide a centre for human rights activism in the UK: building capacity within the human rights community; encouraging activism and raising awareness of human rights issues amongst a wider audience. Please use the space below to give a brief description of your event and how it fits with Amnesty’s vision for the Human Rights Action Centre.

It also notes:

A copy of the program for the event should be sent to before the event, together with a list of attendees.

Would Amnesty care to tell us what MEMO and the PSC told it on the form and why it accepted the booking, in light of its own stated aims for the Centre?