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Daniel Viflic Has Died

Ynet reports:

Daniel Viflic, who was hit by an anti-tank missile fired at a school bus in the Negev 10 days ago has died of his wounds. The 16-year-old has been fighting for his life in the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba since the terror attack. His condition deteriorated last week.

Daniel’s father, Yitzhak Viflic, who sat at his son’s bedside in his final hours, said “I would like to thank all those who prayed for us and supported us from around the world. I just ask that we are left in peace. Daniel struggled for his life and was calm when he passed away.”

School bus hit by missile (Photo: Reuters)

The father also expressed his gratitude to the hospital staff, who struggled to save his son’s life until the very end. “We cannot control life and death. I am certain that Daniel is in a better place,” he said.

Chief of Pediatric ICU at Soroka Medical Center, Professor Shaul Sofer, said: “Unfortunately Daniel passed away this afternoon. We were not surprised by his passing – he arrived in critical condition, and within a short time his brain stopped functioning.

“Because of the sensitive nature of the case, we continued to give him the best medical care, although objectively we knew that his brain would not recuperate,” he added.

According to Sofer, “Daniel arrived at the hospital without blood pressure, after being resuscitated. He suffered from shrapnel that penetrated his brain, and had subsequently stopped breathing, which prevented oxygen from reaching his brain.”

Sofer added that after receiving the initial brain scans it was clear that he suffered a critical injury that was irreversible.

Zion Yemini, the driver of the school bus which was hit was devastated to hear the news of Daniel’s death. “This is very bad news, I so hoped he would stay alive,” Yemini said Sunday.

This child was deliberately murdered by Hamas, using a laser guided anti tank missile, which they shot at a yellow school bus.

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