The Next War

The latest, from Wikileaks/Haaretz:

Israel expects the next war against Hezbollah will last two months, during which 24,000 to 36,000 rockets and missiles are expected to be launched at Israel − about 6,000 of them aimed at Tel Aviv, Wikileaks documents reveal.

Telegrams sent from the U.S. Embassy summing up talks between American and Israeli officials in November 2009 cite a Mossad official as saying Hezbollah is expected to launch 400-600 missiles at Israel a day − 100 of which will be aimed at Tel Aviv, over the course of two months.

So, assuming that a war against Israel is being planned – and Hamas certainly seems to be ramping up operations at the moment, with its laser-guided school bus pot shots – could one of you tell me this? What is the procedure by which Israel finds out, in advance, precisely what it is allowed to do to protect its citizens?

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