Middle East

Protests in Syria; Israel blamed

Braving one of the world’s most repressive regimes, hundreds of Syrians took to the streets Tuesday in anti-government demonstrations.

Ynet.com reports:

Videos of the protests showed hundreds of people gathered in a market in Damascus. The protestors, mainly young men and women, called out “God, Syria and liberty” and “We will liberate Syria with blood and fire.” There were no reports of clashes with security forces during these rallies.

In recent days activists used online social networks to declare Tuesday as a “day of rage” in Syria, also calling it “The March 15 intifada”. One such post urged residents of northern Syria to “destroy buildings belonging to the ruling party and scribble anti-regime slogans on walls”.

They follow a demonstration earlier this month by women in Damascus protesting recent price hikes.

The Syrian government newspaper al-Watan reported that text messages calling on Syrians to “join in the riots” had been traced to an Israeli military base. In other news, al-Qaeda caused the rebellion in Libya by putting hallucinogenic drugs in Nescafe.

The good news is that whatever crackdown comes against the dissidents will likely be chic, modern and secular.

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