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Lipstadt on the Eichmann trial; Tariq Ali on Israel

The news that Deborah Lipstadt (of David Irving lawsuit fame) has a new book coming out about the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Israel got me wondering: how many on the anti-Zionist Left these days would endorse what Israel did between 1960 and 1962– that is, capture Eichmann in Argentina, transport him to Jerusalem, put him on trial, find him guilty of mass murder, and hang him. (Eichmann remains the only convict ever executed by the State of Israel.)

Even Tariq Ali, a reliable Israel-basher, wrote after the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan:

A lesson could have been learnt from Israel’s patient stalking, capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann who was accused of a far more serious crime.

Of course his point wasn’t so much to defend Israel as to denounce the the governments that participated in the invasion. But careful, Tariq– once you recognize the right of a Jewish state to bring a mass murderer of Jews, wherever he may be, to justice, you’re on a slippery slope toward identification with the dreaded Z-word.

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