IERA: Bigots and Extremists in a Panic

The Islamic Education and Research Academy is a nasty and bigoted organisation which tours hate preachers around Britain. Three of its advisors – Hussain Yee, Zakir Naik and Bilal Phillips – have been banned from entering the United Kingdom. It is run by the buffoonish old Ampelforthian, Anthony “Abdurraheem” Green and his mates.

Last weekend, the iERA managed to hold an event in London which showcased men who have spread theologically-mandated hatred of homosexuals and have repeatedly endorsed the death penalty for gay men. Some of these speakers are British. Others come from abroad, but were unfortunately allowed into Britain.

I’m hopeful that the time will soon come when none of the iERA’s obnoxious speakers will be allowed into this country, and where no respectable venue will host their events. I’m pleased to report that the iERA is also beginning to get the message that the tide is turning against incitement and hatemongers. They’re in a panic over the prospect.

The iERA mob have two tactics. Lying and intimidation. First of all, despite the fact that we have heard their preachers on tape inciting hatred against gays, they simply deny that this evidence exists. We are liars for pointing it out. Now they are painting liberals who object to the vilification of homosexuals as anti-Muslim “extremists”.

This is an “Action Alert” that the iERA lot have just published. I reproduce in in full, in case any of you are also motivated to write to its targets:

Action Alert

Gay Rights Activists trying to stop the Dawah

On Sunday 16th January 2011, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) held its ground breaking conference entitled ‘Changing the World Through Dawah’. This event proved to be an outstanding success, and was attended by over 1000 Muslims and non-Muslims. What many people don’t know, however, is that this event came very close to being cancelled.

On Friday 14th January, iERA were notified late in the afternoon that Pink News were planning on writing an article about the event because of the speakers’ line-up whom they saw to be “speakers who promote homophobic discrimination and violence”. Later in the evening, iERA were notified of another article published on Pink Paper, which made false and misleading comments against iERA, its people and the Muslim community; with a call for the event to be stopped at the Ibis, as Peter Tatchell, a prominent Gay Rights campaigner commented;

“Lesbian and gay people – and straight people of conscience – should not use Ibis Hotels while they continue to host extremist anti-gay preachers. A boycott campaign might be necessary if Ibis does not change its policy.”

Pink News launched a campaign to get the event stopped by instructing its readers to bombard with emails the parent company of Ibis, Accor and also Ibis Earls Court directly. iERA were notified of the results of this campaign on Saturday 15th January, by which time the hotel had received over 400 emails calling for the event to be cancelled.

Despite being subjected to this incredible pressure by Gay Rights activists, Ibis Earls Court was very supportive of iERA and the event went ahead as scheduled.

iERA issued a press release on Saturday 15th January, clarifying its position and challenging the comments made in the article. On Monday 17th another article was written, which criticised the Ibis for allowing the event to take place. We have been informed since by Ibis that they are continuing to receive complaints and to date have received over 1000 emails regarding this issue. Since this campaign they have had many cancellations, which is causing them great concern, and the indications are that they may not do business with iERA, or any of its associated speakers in the future.

This potentially sets a dangerous precedent, where Islamic events get cancelled or venues refuse to host them due to pressure from extreme activists. This has happened already last year, due to the activities of the EDL, this is however a new and dangerous twist. This is not about iERA, but how truth is being trampled upon by some members of minority groups who are showing ignorance of the facts and are stereotyping key members of the international Islamic community.

As a result, iERA is now starting an Action Alert, asking its supporters and members of the Muslim community to write in to the Ibis Earls Court and their parent company Accor in support of them for not bowing to the extreme pressure from Gay rights activists. If we can get a greater number of people to email then those who complained, we can as a community can lead the stand for truth and justice.

But it needs a collective effort, we are a large community alhamdulillah, much larger then Gay Rights activists, we contribute so much to British society, our voices cannot be drowned out and the truth will not be sacrificed with the permission of Allah.


Sample Email:


Dear Sir / Madam

I would like to commend you on your positive stance against the attempts by fringe Gay Rights activists to cancel the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) Conference that took place on Sunday 16th January at Ibis Hotel, Earls Court London. The efforts have been really appreciated.

iERA is a mainstream Islamic organisation, and the speakers it hosted at the conference are also considered both mainstream and highly influential in the Muslim community, with them having hundreds of millions of followers. The conference had nothing to do about homosexuality, and was simply talking about the universal values of Islam.

We cannot allow gay rights extremists, or other extremists, driven by political motivations to bully law abiding citizens who hold different ethical values.

I would like to state my support for you against this campaign by Gay rights activists to boycott the Ibis and hope that you continue to host any future events by iERA and other leading Islamic organisations, who have thought highly of your venues.

Any cancellation of events would result in large swathes of the 3 million strong British Muslim community not using Accor hotels, not to mention the millions of Muslims around the world.

I am hopeful you will continue to remain steadfast in your initial stance.


[Insert Name]



What you need to do!

Using the email below as a sample and send an email to:
Thomas Dubaere

You can also email your support to the Ibis Hotel Earls Court, where the conference was

If you could that would be appreciated.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety; and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do.

(Surah Al Ma’idah, Verse 8)

We must not allow these hatemongers to go unchallenged. They will not succeed. The door is slowing closing, for iERA.