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Lutfur Rahman and his Racist Supporters

Once again, Gilligan has the goods.

You’ll remember RESPECT National Council member Abul “Abs” Hussain, who was expelled from the party after Ted Jeory published evidence that he had engaged in  pretty vile antisemitic banter on his Facebook page.

Gilligan now publishes pretty strong evidence that Abul Hussain both signed Lutfur Rahman’s nomination papers, and is helping to organise his campaign.

Gilligan also notes that former councillor Wais Islam has described Ted Jeory as” “Ted Jewry” and as “pussy Jewry…u low-life peasant”” on his facebook site, while “London Muslim” denounces Gilligan as an “Israelite” (how very 1920s!)

Both are backers of Lutfur Rahman.

No matter. We beat the BNP. We’ll beat the IFE, too.


Ted Jeory posted the following update on his blog:

Wais Islam has sent a personal message apologising unreservedly to me for his remarks, which he says he made during a time of intense personal stress and family grief. He insists he is not anti-Semitic and I have accepted it. He says he will be taking a break from politics for some time.

I’d add that Wais Islam also uses the phrase “fish pakiland”, which is an offensive (and somewhat surreal) term for Bangladesh.

As he is of Bangladeshi origin, it is possible that Wais Islam was indeed having some sort of nervous breakdown.