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Blair cancels

Tony Blair has cancelled his book signing:

Speaking on ITV1’s new Daybreak programme about his book – A Journey – he said: ‘To be frank about it, I am concerned. I do not want to put everyone through a lot of cost and hassle on this Wednesday’s signing so I am thinking about that.’

He said the Metropolitan Police were ‘fabulous and they will do whatever we ask them to do’ but should not be asked to commit resources unnecessarily.

The former prime minister added: ‘The book is selling fantastically. There are people – particularly now the BNP apparently say they want to get in on the action – you end up just causing a lot of hassle for people and cost when there are better things for the police to do and it’s not as if we need to do it.

‘It is sad at the same time, frankly. If people want to have a book signed, people should protest but not try and physically prevent you doing it.’

Top rated Daily Mail comment:

COWARD – now maybe, just maybe, he realises how we (the peasants who pay his outrageous pension, wages etc) are totally fed up with this parasitic specimen who should be charged with treason as well as war crimes.

– disillusioned, Somerset, 6/9/2010 11:21

BBC report here.