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Scenes from Quds Day in London

From Saturday’s anti-Israel Quds Day demonstration in London, sponsored by the pro-Iranian regime Islamic Human Rights Commission:

Asked about the brutal government repression against the opposition in Iran, a demonstration organizer replied with a smirk, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

A small group of anti-regime protesters confronted the march. Is that a flag of the Communist Party of Britain (at about 4:15) in a demonstration originated by, and in support of, the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Considering what the Islamic Republic of Iran did to their Iranian comrades, they must be self-hating commies.

Lucy Lips adds:

The smirking march organiser who answers “I don’t know what you’re talking about” when asked about the brutal and ongoing imprisonment, rape and murder of Iranian pro-democracy protestors is Massoud Shadjareh, Chair of the so-called Islamic Human Rights Commission.

What greater proof do you need that the IHRC is little more than a front for the Islamic Republic of Iran?

What’s more, Shardjareh rejects the universality of those fundamental human rights protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In fact, he argues that they are tainted because:

The idea of a universal definition of human rights can be dated back to the proposal of an International Bill of Rights of Man in 1945 by Hersch Lauterpecht, a leading Zionist.

Nevertheless, the IHRC Chair got a sympathetic hearing from extreme-Left Labour MPs when he appeared before a Commons committee to discuss the response to extremism and terrorism.

Worse, the National Association of Muslim Police still links to this anti-human rights organisation. That is a particular disgrace.

habibi adds: several groups are listed by the IHRC as “supporting organisations” of the march for terrorism and Khomeinist oppression:

AhlulBayt Islamic Mission, AhlulBayt Societies, FOSIS, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Friends of Lebanon, Islamic Forum of Europe, Innovative Minds, Islamic Centre of England, Islamic Human Rights Commission, Islamic Student Association UK, Islamic Unity Society, Lebanese Community UK, Jews Against Zionism, Muslim Association of Britain, Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim Student Council, Neturei Karta UK, Palestine Return Centre.

The Muslim Council of Britain kindly put up a big ad for the march on its site:

So did the extremists of the “Palestine Solidarity Campaign” (whose patrons include Labour MPs John Austin and Jeremy Corbyn):