Safran v Irving

John Safran is a very strange, Lubavitch-educated Australian, who has carved out Louis Theroux-esque niche, down under. At his best, he is quite stunningly good.

It is worth watching his interview with David Irving from last year’s series: Race Relations. There’s a slightly lame pay-off to the gag which, I’m sad to say, Irving tops. It is however worth watching this short segment, simply to see David Irving speak his brains.

For some reason – heaven knows why – I had Irving pegged as a somewhat arch, intellectual racist. But no, I was quite wrong. He’s pretty much Alf Garnett.

Astounding stuff. Watch in full.

Gene adds:
David Irving is treated as a respected authority by the same state broadcasting system which employs George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth.