Ken O’Keefe and the search for troof

By now the name Ken O’Keefe will be familiar to this blog’s readers. He is the former US marine who was on board the Mavi Marmara, the Gaza blockade running vessel of the Hamas supporters of Turkish charity IHH. When the ship was intercepted by the Israeli navy off Gaza on 31 May, O’Keefe was a proud participant in the violence that ensued.

He doesn’t like his country. Not one bit. Here he is in Amsterdam in 2004 burning his American passport in front of the US consulate.

Now O’Keefe calls himself a “world citizen”. An Irish passport helps there, especially when it comes to living in the UK, as he does.

Nor does the man have any time for Israel. There should be one state in all of Israel and Palestine. But what would happen to Israeli Jews? Tough luck for the “racists”:

In a free Palestine the racist Zionists who have committed grave crimes against the Palestinians will be fortunate to have the option Mandela gave the racists of Apartheid, the opportunity to stay and live as equals.

You see, there are some very bad Jews out there:

With regard to the Zionist extremists who have their way with Israeli policy, there is a deep sense of entitlement and some very dangerous teachings within the Talmud in particular that makes the non-Jew, gentile, goy, essentially non-human. The Jew of this ilk is bound to treat the non-Jew as such, and that segment of the Jewish population in Israel has the most power. What this translates to is the Jewish people are seeing their religion being hijacked. I know good Jewish people, I know destructive Jews, but Judaism itself is not the problem. However, I would argue that Jews of conscience must speak out, and do so in increasing numbers. That is what is required to take your religion back and become a constructive contributor to society.

Above all, though, O’Keefe is a troof seeker, as you will see here:

I’d already known about Project for a New American Century even when 9/11 was happening… On 9/11 it looked to me like pre-WW2 Nazi Germany, it looked like a nation being taken for a ride on a complete manipulation, an event based on falsities–caricatures of terrorists, and the real terrorist was from within.

He’s also mentioned the USS Liberty, a most excellent troofer cause for conspiracy freaks and antisemites, on the thread below.

If you are American and consider yourself a patriot, look up the truth about the USS Liberty as well. Spout all you want children, Israel murders Americans as well as Arabs and thus far gets away with it.

That won’t be a coincidence. Here he is in a long and friendly interview about the Mavi Marmara with two men. One of them, Phil Tourney, is a survivor of the Liberty.

This is the emblem one finds on the website of the other interviewer, Mark Glenn, where the tape is also hosted.

‘theuglytruth ‘ is quite a website. These snippets will tell you all about its chief preoccupation:

Oh, and here is O’Keefe with some campaigning allies, Lauren Booth and Daniel Machover.

Who else wants Mr O’Keefe on side? Among others:

– Hamas promoter Daud Abdullah’s Middle East Monitor has published his attack on the Panorama broadcast.

– O’Keefe has helped the charity Human Aid, a supporter of the IHH flotilla, to raise funds.

– He joined Gilad Atzmon at a troofer symposium at Friends House in London last month.

What’s next? Mr O’Keefe will demonstrate against the Panorama programme about the Mavi Marmara this Sunday afternoon at Television Centre in London, accompanied by a group calling itself the “Muslim Defence League”. He is backed by Hamas supporter Ismail Patel’s Friends of Al Aqsa.

You can read more about him in his own words here.

He’s a perfect partner for the racist thugs of IHH and Britain’s Hamasniks.