Bad Luck Mojos

This is a guest post by Mr Greene

Congratulations are due to Park Crescent Conference Centre at International Student House in London, who have stood up for British values of tolerance, equality and democracy by refusing to allow their venue to be used by a group formed from the ashes of Islam4UK/al-Muhajiroun. The event, given the grand title of a ‘State Terrorism Conference’ and which was due to take place on Saturday, has now been cancelled.

‘The Reflect Project’ had advertised this event on Facebook and Youtube:

The complete lack of subtlety on behalf of ‘The Reflect Project’ is shown by the fact that their Youtube channel even features a video gloating about the famous Sayeeda Warsi-egg encounter. Admittedly, therefore, it was not that difficult for the Park Crescent Conference Centre to identify this event as an Islam4UK/Muhajiroun front.

However, congratulations are certainly due to them for doing so and making sure that Islam4UK/al-Muhajiroun/The Reflect Project/a sad bunch of 30-40 maladjusted young men were not able to use the centre to preach their hatred and intolerance. No wonder that the event’s organisers are not very happy.

Cancellation Notice: Unfortunately the Sate Terrorism Conference has been cancelled and we believe it has been cancelled by the authorities in order to silence the muslim. We apologies for all those who had made plans and may Allah reward you for your intention. Inshallah a press release will be issued and will be available to read later today.

On a blog like Harry’s Place, with the vast number of unfortunate events being highlighted on a regular basis, it is worth keeping in mind that good people are regularly making sensible decisions to ensure that hate-filled bigots are denied a platform, just as the Park Crescent Conference Centre have this time. Bad luck MoJos – you’ve lost, again.