Veiled Threats

Today’s right-on reader knows what sort of prejudice to expect when the Daily Mail publishes an article on the burka. Think retired Majors still pining for the Empire if you want a visual image of a the sort of person who laps up the Mail’s opinions and agrees with its conclusions.  Don’t believe me? Have a look at the quotes below:

1. Broad and nuance-free generalisations about immigrants’ complex motives:

Muslims…came to Britain to get away from Stalinist ayatollahs, mullahs and women-hating fanatic regimes in their home countries.

2. An undeserved swipe at anyone to the left of Genghis Khan:

Left-wingers…countenance no criticism, however valid, of hard-line Muslims.

3. An attempt to connect Islamic custom with terrorism:

Burka-clad women cannot be detected if they choose to commit crimes or acts of terror.

4. Spluttering indignation when a person in authority attempts to empathise with ‘the other’:

[This] fatuous and ill-conceived defence of the burka rendered me apoplectic with fury.

4. And finally blatant prejudice until one simply feels queasy reading any further:

They do not reciprocate, only expect accommodation. Instead of fighting for equal rights, these Muslims want only special treatment.

Please do read the rest of this article and then pick up your pen and write to the Mail to berate it of harbouring the most poisonously Islamophobic writer ever to disgrace its grubby pages.

Clicked through yet? Be honest, who guessed the identity of the writer correctly?

Update: Alec reminds us that when it comes to laughable self-contradiction George Galloway is still the undisputed master.