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Press TV broadcast coerced confession

In a report on Channel 4 News, an Iranian journalist– arrested in Tehran last year for filming anti-regime protests– tells how he was tortured and threatened with execution to coerce him into making a false confession on the Iranian government’s English-language Press TV.

Maziar Bahari has taken his case against Press TV – which launched in Britain three years ago and broadcasts to nearly 10 million UK subscribers – to Ofcom, the broadcasting standards watchdog.

Mr Bahari, who now lives in Britain, accuses the channel of breaching Ofcom rules on privacy and fairness for recording his forced confession inside a Tehran prison.

In the wake of Bahari’s revelations, George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth– leading figures in Britain’s “antiwar” movement who are employed by Press TV– have quit the station in outrage.

The previous paragraph is of course untrue.

(Hat tip: Potkin)