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Everybody Research the Holocaust Day

This is a cross-post from Ministry of Truth

Last week’s ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day‘ generated a number of depressinging stupid responses; nowhere more so than in Pakistan where the government resorted to blocking access to Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and parts of Wikipedia in an effort to ‘protect’ its citizens from the heinous sight of several thousand photoshopped stick-men with word ‘Mohammed’  scrawled underneath.

Less than a week later, a [Facebook]  group of fearless Islamic keyboard warriors has decided to fight back by declaring that the 30th June will be the first ‘Everybody Research the Holocaust Day‘…


We encourage everyone to gear up for a critical study of this historical event on the 30th of June

We are here to reflect about the foundational myth of the secular cult. A cult which has delivered human kind the biggest genocides recorded in history:

From the tens of millions massacred by the Atheist Soviet regime, to the other several millions wiped off the face of the earth by the hand of the Western secular fanaticism in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran, and an endless list of nations who have suffered the arrogance of Man over God.

Much of the injustice that takes place in our world stems from ignorance. We reject being emotionally blackmailed by Hollywood tales and holocaust museums which legitimize the war crimes and crimes against humanity of the extremist Atheist regime of Tel-Aviv.

If you hadn’t already guessed, what we have here is nothing more than another juvenile tit-for-tat exercise in Holocaust denial; one set up by an all-too obvious conspiracy nut in the mistaken belief that he’ll somehow provoke widespread offence and calls for his ridiculous little Facebook group to be shut down, thereby proving that we’re all just a bunch of Zionist-loving hypocrites who regard freedom of expression as a one-way street.

Seems rude? Or insulting? Or immoral? Actually it doesn’t matter. Because the secular brand of Freedom of Speech never cares about any of the above. Right? Today I learned my lesson. Never be quiet. You have to be intensely speaking out insulting to people, even innocent ones. Is that how freedom goes?

It seems that they want to practice ‘Freedom of Speech’ not for bringing up any kind of logic, but to insult a person who is not even present to defend himself. Ok. Lesson learned. Thanks for your “morals”.

I know who they are. They are the ones who do not care that you are Muslim, Jew, Christian. They want religions and morals to be wiped off from the face of the earth. The only things that they care about are power and money and “The Zionist state of Israel”. Their excuse is Holocaust.

Now, I have a simple question for you guys. Am I as free as you? May I practice my Freedom of Speech too?

Now it seems to me that a bit of lesson in free speech is very much in order here, so if its an ‘Everybody Research the Holocaust Day’ that the members of this Facebook group want then let’s give them exactly what they’re asking for.

Between now and the 30th June, I’d like as many bloggers as possible to spend just a little bit of time researching the Holocaust.

This should not be too onerous a task as there’s no great shortage of fantastic online resources to draw on – just to get you started you could try the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the USC Shoah Foundation Institute, the Holocaust History Project, the Holocaust Cybrary, and the Holocaust section of the Jewish Virtual Library and, of course, there’s a wealth of other information out there on teh Interwebs, only a Google/Bing/Yahoo search away.

And then, on the 30th June, I’d like you all to write and publish a blog post telling the world what you’ve found out, turning the day into a real Holocaust Research Day.

As for the Holocaust deniers and their childish little Facebook group, all I ask is that you leave them alone – so, please, no complaints to Facebook, no protests and no abusive comments either publicly or by email/personal messages. If you want to take any direct action against this group and its members then I’d suggest you do no more than look out for any conspiracist nonsense posted to the group and, if you have time, subject it to a good old-fashioned fisking.

Michael Peck is entirely correct when he argues that:

We can’t defend the right to satire a religious figure and yet bar the right to deny the Holocaust, as some European states do (frequently the ones who directly or indirectly supported the genocide). However, what is fascinating here is the moral equivalence. Outraged at the “insult” to his religion, this fundamentalist won’t strike back by drawing a cartoon of Jesus or mocking atheists. He’s going to do it by denying the Holocaust. Since in his mind, Jews control the world, then question the Holocaust and the Elders of Zion will pull a few levers to make the cartoons stop. Because this is exactly the kind of world that a fundamentalist understands and desires. A cleric decides what is sacred and what is profane, which cartoons are permitted and which are not. There is no dissent.

Our best response, in fact our only valid response, is that which I’ve outlined above – do the research and counter their spurious ‘arguments’ by presenting the evidence that supports the facts of the Holocaust.

To support this ‘project’ I’ve set up the inevitable/obligatory Facebook group which I hope will be used to share useful information and resources as well as keep track of any blog posts this ‘project’ generates, and I’m also planning to use the #holocaustresearchday hashtag to promote this via twitter.

And that’s pretty much that for the moment – if you’re at all up for this then I’ll see you either here, on Facebook or on Twitter where you can reach me via @Unity_MoT.