Gordon MacMillan,  UK Politics

Our shared belief

If you haven’t seen this speech made by Gordon Brown to to London Citizens, movement of trade unions, religious groups and community organisers, I urge you to watch it. It is a barnstorming speech, a great performance, and it is Brown at his very best. It is an impassioned plea to vote Labour and shows he is the only real leader in the race putting David Cameron and Nick Clegg in the shade.

It has come late in the day and maybe is a reflection on the strategy pursued by the campaign team.

Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian put it well: “Of course, the more passion Brown could have mustered the better. And something happens to the prime minister when he is in a house of worship. Perhaps he channels the spirit of his father, a Church of Scotland minister. But when the son of a preacher man gets going, he is unstoppable – and completely riveting.”

Brown’s speech is currently the 2nd most popular video on YouTube in the UK (was 1st earlier) and #imvotingLabour is currently trending in the UK and worldwide on Twitter. There’s a lastminute surge on the way.