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Can ElBaradei bring change to Egypt ?

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Cif has an article about recent events in Egypt where former UN nuclear inspector Mohammed ElBaradei is causing a bit of a storm as he attempts to take on the crippling autocracy of Mubarak and the moribund Egyptian regime.

Perhaps encouraged by ElBaradei’s recent publicity there was a demo outside the upper parliament in Cairo this week the violent result of which is well described here.

One of the issues of course regarding Egypt is the worry that the end of the generally US/Western supporting autocracy would let in the vile Muslim Brotherhood, also that a more popular government might be also be more radically anti-Israel. Well that might be but normally elected democratic governments do not got to war with each other and it appears the Muslim Brotherhood is losing ground in Egypt (see an interesting article here)

A pro democracy push led by a relative moderate like ElBaradei is to be welcomed and is worth keeping an eye on.