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More Gripping Tales

Here’s some more top notch analysis from the Palestine Telegraph.

On 9/11:

We all know that we went to war in both Iraq and Afghanistan for reasons other than those given. Both wars were planned well in advance (at least 6 months) and it was just a matter of time for the leaders on both sides of the pond to find or create justification i.e. .a “False Flag scenario. We now know that it was 9/11 that turned their plans into reality.

I myself have a long history in aviation and I found it totally unacceptable that a Boeing crashed into a field and another one crashed into the Pentagon….there was absolutely no evidence that this actually took place and taking aside the Twin Towers this alone is worthy of a new inquiry. As far as the Twin Towers are concerned there are also many concerns as to how this disaster occurred. I would recommend you all watch an interview with Aaron Russo regarding 9/11. The link is

Here is the delirious “New World Order” lunacy the Palestine Telegraph recommends:

On the Chilcot inquiry and David Kelly – the Tories and Labour are in on a vast conspiracy and Kelly was murdered:

It is blatantly obvious that something is amiss in this inquiry and should have therefore included both political parties including the “Iron Lady” herself….although with her current health problems she probably would not be able to recall who in her cabinet (both junior and senior) went where and why. Without the full team of both parties being present it would be impossible to run a fair inquiry and to ascertain who was implicated……….at the end of the day the individuals concerned certainly know the truth and must find it very worrying that one day they will have their day in court. Amongst this “Axis of Evil” are those that orchestrated Dr Kelly’s assassination. He knew what they knew and was about to write a book on the subject or spill the beans via the media…….what they fail to understand is that the truth behind these covert operations are known to many people and all the information appertaining to them has been duplicated and spread around for safe keeping.

What is a British voter to do if both Labour and the Tories are nefarious plotters? Oh noes:

So who can you vote for? That is the million dollar question! Conservative and Labour have a sordid past and Lib Dems are controlled by the Pro Israel Lobby (poor Jenny Tonge).

Now one might think the Liberal Democrats would be ashamed that one of their peers is a patron of such a poisonous website as the Palestine Telegraph. Or maybe not:

“The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.” – Jenny Tonge, in 2006

“While I do not believe that Jenny Tonge is anti-semitic or racist, I regard her comments as wholly unacceptable.” – Nick Clegg, February 2010

As far as I know, no Liberal Democrat politician has called for Tonge to drop her patronage of the Palestine Telegraph.

Nor have “Labour Friends of Palestine” (LFP) disinvited her from their Westminster meeting on March 1, which is being organised by Palestine Telegraph founder and director Sameh Habeeb on behalf of the pro-Hamas Palestinian Return Centre. Here she is in the speaker line-up:

Lord Nazir Ahmed
Majed al-Zeer (Director, PRC)
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Richard Howitt MEP
Gerald Kaufman MP
Arafat Madi (Chair, European campaign to end the siege on Gaza)
Bob Marshall-Andrews QC MP
Jenny Tonge MP

In fact, LFP host articles by Habeeb and another revolting antisemite, Stuart Littlewood, on their site.

This casual acceptance of antisemitism on the parliamentary left is shaken only occasionally, when the hatred is so blatantly vile that journalists report it and people fuss.

Even after the latest scandal, Tonge retains the whip as well as her patronage of a hate site. This is shameful.

Britain – not “the Jewish community”, but Britain – deserves better.