People power on 22 Bahman

This is a crosspost by Arash

The Islamic Republic’s attempted publicity stunt at UCL last night was a miserable failure. The following video really says it all as dozens of freedom activists poured into the lecture theatre, causing Yvonne Ridley the Ahmadinejad supporter to run off with her bodyguard after 10 minutes, and the meeting was abandoned!

My thanks in particular to Mr Potkin Azarmehr and Mr Elcid Asaei who publicised the sinister nature of this event in their blogs. Also to be thanked are the many people who emailed and rang UCL to complain against this disgusting propaganda. And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to the free thinking students that poured into the lecture theatre and ensured that the Islamic Republic could not hijak 22 Bahman for its own ends.

Shame on UCL for allowing these Islamic Republic mercenaries a platform from which to indoctrinate British students and well done to those who ensured the eventual victory of this campaign!

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