Catholic Bishop: Jews abuse memory of Holocaust

Oh it’s become so boringly predictable a story, I’ll just cut-and-paste.

From The Scotsman:

Bishop Pieronek, 75, a well-known figure in his homeland, criticised Jews for apparently claiming ownership of the slaughter at the exclusion of other ethnic groups and nationalities who perished.

“Undoubtedly, most of those who died in the camps were Jews but also on the list were Poles, Gypsies, Italians and Catholics.

“It should not be that one group steals this tragedy and uses it for propaganda purposes,” the bishop was quoted as saying.

He then added that the Holocaust had been used as a “propaganda weapon” by Jews to achieve “often unjustified advantages”.

Yada yada yada… There’s one every year, isn’t there?

Tomorrow is Holocaust Memorial Day. It takes place in a climate of antisemitism unprecedented in the post-war age.