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“Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery”

This is a guest post by Councillor Terry Kelly

Note: Councillor Terry has discovered that somebody is impersonating him on Comment Is Free. We alerted him to the postings made in his name on Harry’s Place. He has kindly agreed to let us publish this response.

Whoever is behind this is putting a lot of time and effort in to demonising me; unfortunately I have inadvertently given them the chance to twist my words to suggest something I did not mean.

I refer to the sentence “force them to act as they once did when their treatment under the Nazis won them the respect and affection of most of the world

I am accused by them of desiring more suffering for the Jews which of course is not true; quite the opposite; I don’t want to call down suffering on anyone; it is simply my failure to explain myself properly in this instance. I want the Jews to return to being one of the most heroic people in history as demonstrated by their courage and determination to survive great injustices, I apologise if anyone genuinely thought otherwise.

For the sake of truth and clarity the rest of the quote is accurate I would have no hesitation in boycotting Israel in the same way that the world boycotted South Africa in the time of apartheid.

My posts on Israel can be read and some are to say the least very robust; as are some of the hostile comments I get which I always try to print; some are unprintable though. I could go on and present a lengthy article but I don’t believe that to be necessary; my position is quite straight forward if that can be said about the Israel/Palestinian conflict. I do not want to see a single death occur; I want peace and justice for the Palestinians; that makes me anti Israel not anti Jew; I believe that Zionism is not Judaism; the Zionists treatment of the Palestinians is a blot on Jews everywhere; I will continue to oppose Israel I can do no other and I have never written comments to any web site; never;

I write on my own blog and do my best to print and answer comments sent to me; your readers might want to send comments to me if so I will do my best to explain my opinions.