Eight and Half Years for Majid Tavakoli

This is a crosspost by Potkin


Majid Tavakoli, the popular Iranian student leader who was arrested on 7th December, Iran’s National Student Day, has been sentenced to eight and half years imprisonment.

The regime published photoshop images of Majid dressed in a chador after his arrest, with the intention of humiliating him, which only backfired and showed their misogynistic mind set. .

Majid received five years for ‘group gathering and collusion’, one year for spreading propaganda against the regime, two years for insulting the Supreme Leader, six months for insulting the president, which all add up to eight and half years.

On top of his sentence, he faces a five year ban on any political activity and a five year travel ban out of Iran.

Next time when Ahmadinejad is made to look like a celebrity by some Western media anchorman and claims there is ‘Total Freedom’ in Iran, perhaps the presenters can educate themselves with the facts about Majid Tavakoli and Ahmad Zeidabadi and many more like them beforehand.