If the Muslim Council of Britain Is Serious About Fighting Terrorism…

Here is a press release from the MCB

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) strongly condemns the alleged attempted bombing aboard an airliner in Detroit, USA on Christmas Day. The connections to the UK are equally disturbing and today the MCB urged calm on all sides.

MCB Secretary General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said “it is of course a fast developing story and the facts have yet to fully emerge, but we should all be thankful that this did not result in another atrocity. We all have a collective duty to stand against those who wish to perpetrate terror against innocent civilians where-ever it may occur”.

He added: “Terror and violence is not the way to convey a message however legitimate the cause may be. It is totally counter-productive.”

While the suspected individual has been arrested and charged, the due process of the law should take its course and all individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

There will again be much hysterical commentary on its alleged links to the United Kingdom, even though terrorism is now a transient phenomenon and draws its strength from informal transnational networks.

The overwhelming majority of Muslims have no truck with extremists. This is borne out by credible research showing that Muslims in the UK are the most patriotic in Europe.

Moreover there are approximately 100,000 Muslim students at universities across the UK, the vast majority of whom are law-abiding and play a full and active role in student life. Muslim students, who come to study in the UK from across the world have contributed immensely to the culture, society and economy of the UK.

The actions of one misguided individual should not tarnish the reputation of the majority. We will let terrorists win if bigotry is allowed to flourish.

Here is one thing that the Muslim Council of Britain could do. Ask the East London Mosque / London Muslim Centre to ban Noor Pro Media from its premises.

On 1 January 2010, Noor Pro will be hosting an event titled “Dark Forces – The Enemy Within” at the LMC. A more disgusting band of racists, bigots and extremists you’d have a hard time finding, outside of a British National Party jamboree.

Last year, the star turn was Anwar Al Awlaki: the Al Qaeda preacher. This year, they’re merely selling his videos.

The East London Mosque could stop these events. But it refuses to do so, even when it is called on it. Here is their response to the East London Advertiser, when it highlighted last year’s Awlaki event:

“Mr Awlaki has not been proven guilty in a court of law. Everyone is entitled to their point of view.

It would be very easy for the East London Mosque to cancel this year’s Noor Media Pro event. It would also be easy for the Muslim Council of Britain to issue a statement, calling on the ELM/LMC to cancel this event. After all, the institutional links between the ELM and the MCB are very strong. Bari himself is Chairman of the East London Mosque and the London Muslim Centre. So, all it would take is a quick phone call.

“Hi – Muhammad Abdul Bari here – your chairman. We must not allow bigotry to flourish. Pull the plug on Noor Media NOW!”

Will Bari make that call? However legitimate the cause may be, you can bet he won’t.