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A Letter from Osama Saeed

Dear Sirs,

I write regarding your posting

Your refer to me as a “Muslim Brotherhood activist” and “Awlaki fan”.

On the former, I am not a supporter of this organisation and you can read
about my views on this matter here:

On the latter, I have previously actually said I am not “part of his fan

I would advise you to at least change this wording of this posting to your
more usual legal and factual grey area.

Yours sincerely,
Osama Saeed

Harry’s Place responds:

Osama Saeed was, until recently, Spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain. The MAB is the British franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is good to hear that Osama doesn’t support the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the article that he links to doesn’t say that he isn’t a supporter. It merely says:

My view on organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood is that we should not be transplanting Eastern complexes into a British and Scottish context.

Glad to hear that the Caliphate will stop at the borders of the United Kingdom, Osama!

Here is Faisal on Osama Saeed and Awlaki in the Spittoon:

Osama Saeed, who now is poised to represent the Scottish National Party (SNP) for Glasgow Central in Parliament, wrote in his blog in 2006:

“Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki was originally hounded in the US because two of the 9/11 bombers happened to pray at his mosque. Many of my Muslim readers will either know him personally or have heard his lectures. He preached nothing but peace, and I pray he will be able to do so again.”

Saeed continues to cling on to the falsehood that Awlaki was a moderate when he praised his message of “nothing but peace” three years ago. He also references the National Geographic interview as proof of Awlaki’s moderateness, the citation of which is fast becoming the favoured get-out route for Islamists who want to justify their support of Awlaki.

Also see Alex Hitchens.

We appreciate that Osama might be a little bit embarrassed by his previous support for Awlaki, now that this jihadist preacher is a little better known.