Kaveh Afrasiabi, the Stooge Scholar

This is a cross post by Potkin

Kaveh Afrasiabi is one of those ‘academics’ who has his fingers in every pie. Wikipedia introduces him as an Iranian born political scientist who teaches at Boston University, Bentley College, Harvard University, UC Berkeley and Binghamton University. Just like all other Islamic Republic affiliated ‘academics’ posted around the world to defend and to promote the regime, he has managed to get himself in all those numerous think tanks that have confused the hell out of the US policy makers on Iran and have resigned this super power to having a vague ambiguous policy on Iran.

Lets not forget the media, Kaveh Afrasiabi, is also a ‘consultant’ for CBS Television and a regular contributor to the New York Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle and the International Herald Tribune. Most important of all, Kaveh Afrasiabi is a stooge subordinate of the regime in Iran. He is in fact an even worse version of Baroness Haleh Afshar in the US. Kaveh Afrasiabi is the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic apologists outside Iran.

Whenever the regime in Iran has totally screwed up, their faithful servant, Kaveh Afrasiabi, tries to come to their aid to clean up their image for the outside world. The most recent case being that ofNeda. The regime has really dug a hole for itself with Neda’s murder. First they said the video was a fake, then they said it was a plot by the CIA, then the BBC correspondent, Jon Leyne, was accused of having staged her death, then it was the MeK. Then they claimed the doctor who had gone to her help, Arash Hejazi, was wanted by the Interpol. Of course Interpol almost immediately denied Arash Hejazi was ever on their list, still Arash Hejazi became the most wanted man for Neda’s murder by the regime.Then the regime incarcerated Neda’s boyfriend, Caspian Makan in Evin prison. They tried to force him to publicly state his fiancée was killed by the MeK. Not only these were all outrageous attempts to whitewash their terrible crime, they were also inconsistent liars and no sane person with a shred of integrity could possibly stomach their contemptible lies.

When the BBC2 documentary about Neda was being made, the program makers went out of their way to make sure all sides were covered. They were keen also to present the pro-Ahamdinejad side. In fact Kaveh Afrasiabi was contacted to arrange for an interview with Ahamdinejad himself while he was in New York. Kaveh Afrasiabi first asked for $700 to arrange the interview, but his appetite for easy gained money grew further and he then asked for $2000. At the end, Ahmadinejad advisors decided it was too risky to let their man face such an interview with a British crew. These were not Larry King entertainment after all, it was serious investigative stuff that would have got Ahamdinejad in real trouble, the advisors decided.

Before the program was aired, the hardline daily, Kayhan, went on its usual type offensive. It called the documentary a pre-written MI6 scenario and it accused the program makers of being MI6 and British Intelligence agents. The Kayhan piece was of course for the ‘internal consumption’ as they call it. For the gullible pseudo Leftists outside Iran, more sophisticated apologists were needed. Kaveh Afrasiabi was commissioned for help.

In an article that must leave no doubts for anyone as to who lines up Afrasiabi’s pockets, he lambasts the documentary as 80% propaganda. Yet this must have been Kaveh Afrasiabi’s worst ever commissioned work for the Islamic Republic. All he can come up with is why didn’t Dr. Hejazi accompany Neda all the way to the hospital?

Dr. Arash Hejazi is in fact a qualified doctor. In his interview he states that Neda died on the scene, on the street. In his medical opinion, the bleeding from her nose and mouth indicated that her aorta and lungs had been shot because of the extent of the bleeding, and that with an injury this serious death is very fast. Anyone who has seen the video footage and the extent of the bleeding can accept Dr. Hejazi’s judgement on this.

Apart from the above scraping of the bottom of the barrel, Afrasiabi makes some more mistakes which clearly shows the confused state of the mind of a collaborator lackey.

In the fourth paragraph of his trash he starts with ‘In the press release for A Death In America,..’, the program is obviously called Death in Tehran and not Death in America. Afrasiabi must have totally lost his concentration, whether due to feeling the guilt for what he is doing or more probably for counting his Dollars, when he wrote this paragraph.

He also gets a post graduate philosophy scholarship for students mixed up with a ‘Chair in Philosophy at non other than Oxford university…’ Some academic!

Finally who is quick to publish this piece of trash? Yes friends and partners of the Socialist Workers?[Self Hating Rich Kids] Party, CASMII.

Scum of the earth, all of them