Anti Fascism,  Europe

Glans Alert!

Andrew Glans MEP, one of the two BNP-ers elected to the European Parliament, delivered himself of this gem this Wednesday:

Madam President, before we criticise Russia for human rights abuses, we should look at similar abuses even within the European Union: countries in which opposition parties are physically attacked, such as Hungary, or attacked by the militia of the ruling party, such as even the United Kingdom, or countries that lock people up for non-violent dissent or ban political parties, like Belgium.

We must conduct relations with Russia on the basis of the interests of our own Member States and not on hypocritical outbursts.

Is he on drugs?

My guess is that he is talking about Unite Against Fascism, a grouping which has some cross party support, but which is run by the Socialist Workers’ Party in coalition with Socialist Action. Although Socialist Action practices ‘entryism’ into the Labour Party, it is most certainly not ‘the ruling party’. It is its own, autonomous, political party.

The SWP has no connection at all with the Labour Party.

Hat tip: David Boothroyd