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Conservative donors coordinate Kaminski letter by “Jewish leaders”

This is a cross post from Left Foot Forward

letter from “Jewish leaders” to the Daily Telegraph appears to be little more than a coordinated effort by a series of Conservative party funders and supporters.


The letter, reported in today’s Daily Telegraph, says:

“Many people in the Jewish community have noted with concern the recent attacks on David Cameron’s allies in eastern Europe … It has become increasingly obvious that these accusations are unfair, baseless and politically motivated …

“Anti-Semitism is far too grave a charge to be used as a political football. We call upon those responsible for making unsubstantiated allegations to withdraw them.”

But many of the signatories appear themselves to be “politically motivated.” For example, the top four signatories all have links to the Conservative party. Lord Young of Graffham was President of the Board of Trade under Margaret Thatcher; Flo Kaufmann donated £4,950 to the party; Howard Leigh is the party’s senior Treasurer and has made a series of donations; and Benjamin Perl was John Major’s constituency agent in Huntingdon.

Among the other signatories, Dr Alan Mendoza is a Conservative party councillor in Brent and Executive Director of the neo-conservative think tank, the Henry Jackson Society. Meanwhile, Richard Harrington is Chair, and Stephen Massey sits on, the Executive Board of the Conservative Friends of Israel. The Telegraph’s accompanying article only lists Lord Young’s link to the Tories.