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Spelling disaster

I don’t have any comment to make about the grieving mother of a fallen serviceman who has expressed her upset at the content and style of a letter of condolence she has received from Gordon Brown. She has lost her son and it’s certainly not for me to comment on how she should be reacting to anything.

I also expect nothing less from the piss-poor excuse for a newspaper that is the lying Scum than exploitation of a bereaved mother for the cheapest of political point-scoring purposes. Talk about living down to one’s expectations. I do, however, expect rather better from the BBC.

It strikes me from pictures I’ve seen that Gordon Brown has a particular writing style that, whilst not unintelligible, makes it difficult to read certain words…especially those with an ‘e’ in them. I think most of the alleged misspellings are in fact nothing of the sort albeit Brown’s writing style makes it difficult discern every letter in every word. If you look at Brown’s signature in the linked video you’ll note there is no clearly identifiable “Gordon” although I assume that not even guttersnipe hacks scribbling for the lying Scum will claim the PM doesn’t know how to spell his own name.

The question I have is why is the BBC giving this non-story such prominence? It’s currently the second lead online and in bulletins. There’s a pretty decent rule of thumb that if a ‘story’ occupies the front page of the lying Scum then it shouldn’t be considered newsworthy by any news media organisation of repute. I think the BBC is often on the object of truly moronic criticism from some of the readers who comment at HP and it continues, in my view, to set the bar for global journalistic and broadcasting standards; which serves only to increase my dismay and bewilderment that it should be party to the kind of news trivialization that is in the stock-in-trade of comics like the lying Scum.

Guy blind in one-eye and with less than perfect vision in the other is not going to set new standards in calligraphy! WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

Gordon Brown actually bothers to hand-write letters of condolence to the families of service personnel killed on active service. Some might say this is no more than he ought to do and I might very well agree with them, but the fact is he does it. It would be newsworthy if he didn’t.

Political discourse in this country is increasingly infantilized. Our democracy is ill-served when the public are convinced by journos to believe that the latest resignation for something far short of a resignation issue is evidence of people-power, or that the eliciting of an apology for the most trivial of transgression strengthens the relationship between the elected and electors. A cowed political establishment prepared only to do what is popular and not what is right, or one where the policy is strongly influenced by the predilections of the tabloid and broadcast media editors du jour, is not worthy of a mandate and no-one should pretend otherwise whatever temporary political advantage it might confer.

I hope I wake up tomorrow to discover the BBC has decided to treat its viewers, listeners and readers as adults once more.