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He wants the day to come sooner. When we settle the score

The serious threats the BNP’s John Lee Barnes made here on Harry’s Place on Thursday evening following his leader’s fumbling appearance on the BBC’s Question Time have been picked up by the Sunday Express.

ONE of Nick Griffin’s most trusted lieutenants sparked fresh outrage last night after he warned British Jews to “show respect” or “reap what you sow when we are in power”.

Lee John Barnes, the BNP’s legal director, produced the outburst as he debated Mr Griffin’s appearance on Question Time.

While Mr Griffin tried to claim his party had ditched its anti-Semitic past, his inept sidekick exposed its true colours on an anti-extremist website.

Goading opponents that the BNP had won a massive propaganda coup, he aimed his threats at lawyer David Toube who runs Harry’s Place, the website which campaigns against the BNP and Islamic extremism.

When Mr Toube, one of Britain’s most prominent Jews, told Mr Barnes, 43, not to get “too smug”, the BNP man replied: “That’s fine. Just remember though, ‘You will reap what you sow’. “The way you treat us now is how we shall treat you in the future. The example you set us is the example we will follow when we are in power.

In related news, Edmund Standing of this parish was cited in The People, exposing the BNP’s KKK links, which Griffin sought to underplay on QT:

A report by the independent Centre for Social Cohesion think-tank warned the BNP was still a party of extremists.

Report author Edmund Standing said: “The fact they are happy for people such as Arthur Kemp (BNP foreign affairs spokesman) to represent them shows those connections are far from over.”

The BNP may come to regret the extra limelight it has gained through Griffin’s appearance on Question Time. It’s ideas, actions and connections cannot fester in the dark any longer.