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Arthur Kemp: BNP Reichsminister des Auswärtigen

This is cross posted from Edmund Standing’s blog

Meet Arthur Kemp, BNP Foreign Affairs spokesman:


Kemp is the author of March of the Titans: A History of the White Race, a book sold by the BNP and promoted as part of its ‘White History Month’ campaign:

Written by prolific British National Party historian Arthur Kemp, March of the Titans is the complete history of the European White Race, from the earliest prehistoric times to the present. March of the Titans contains a wealth of hidden and suppressed facts and events, and uncovers the true reasons for the downfall of ancient civilisations such as Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome. This book will, quite frankly, change your view of world history forever.

I’m sure you can guess one aspect of world history the BNP would like to ‘change forever’. In the book, Kemp claims:

  • That there is ‘no evidence’ that extermination of Jews was planned at the Wannsee Conference
  • That the number of Jews who were killed by the Nazis has been exaggerated and that ‘all the evidence urges a complete revision of this aspect of the history of World War Two’

What a surprise.

Kemp has an interesting past, to put it mildly, and his ex-wife has set up a blog which gives us some insight into that past and what kind of a man Kemp really is:

Arthur is a racist, a white supremacist and also believes in his intellectual superiority and the inferiority not only of other races and religions but also the vast majority of supporters of right wing parties – the rank and file of the likes of the AWB, BNP and the National Alliance have been slated and criticized by Arthur as idiots to be used to further his cause and who should, in his words, “be exterminated once they have been used to get the right wing into power”. Nice Nazi sentiments these! ( I have his e-mails to prove this include being regaled with conversations between him and Nick Griffin on their view of the morons that poor Nick has to work with in the BNP).

What kind of a political party would want someone like Kemp working for them? Well, the same political party which employs as ‘legal director’ a man who claims that ‘In many ways the work that David Duke did with the KKK was commendable’.